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"I recently worked with Spangler to look into a rental home they are managing. While I was not approved for that home, I have to say working with them was a pleasure. They communicated with me each step of the way. They were understanding about my personal situation and seemed like they cared. Beth was the last person I worked with and she was more than helpful with me. Even without approval, I do hope that they found a good tenant for that home and maybe we will have the pleasure of locating a home that they manage in the future. Thanks Beth and team for the hard work!!. A heartfelt thanks."
Mark S.
"I would like to acknowledge and appreciate Becky Maldonado from Spangler Realty for the support and service she has provided for us the last couple of years. Through a miscommunication in the winter of 2020, we arrived ready to move into a condo on the beach only to find out that condo had been rented twice (through no fault of Becky or Spangler). Becky found us another comparable unit within a day or two. Then in 2021 we rented a condo through Becky only to have to cancel at the last minute because of Covid. Now this is happening again in 2022. Throughout all this Becky has been warm, supportive, honest and fair. She always had our best interests in mind. If you are looking for a realtor, you can be sure that Becky will be competent, cheerful, present when you need her, and honest. We recommend her wholeheartedly!"
Wilma G & Jim M.
"I highly recommend Spangler Realty for its property management services. In the ten years Beth and her team have managed my property, I have been  sincerely impressed with the integrity, thoroughness, and alacrity with which the team provides service support. I am wholly comfortable with the professional judgment and actions the firm takes on my behalf. It is truly a matter on which I do not concern myself. A heartfelt thanks."
“We’ve been working with the Spangler family for almost 20 years now! They’ve taken care of everything with our rental property since 2001 and we couldn’t be more happy. With our busy schedules, we need a manager we can trust to get the job done month after month. The Spanglers know their stuff and they communicate well. Our mind is at ease and our property has been continuously rented to great clients.”
Jake & Mary D.
“For the past 20+ years Spangler Realty has been managing our property in Oceanside, CA.  During this time we have been out of country for extended periods of time and have never been concerned on the management of the property.  Spangler Realty advertises the property extremely well and screens potential tenants carefully.  Any repairs required by the tenant are done quickly, with quality work and at a very reasonable cost.   They do a once a year inspection of the property and provide a detailed report on the condition of the house and any repairs that may be required.  The monthly and final end of the year accounting reports provided are professional and well done, which makes doing your yearly Federal Taxes a lot easier.  If you require a property management company that will look after your interests and your tenants then go with Spangler Realty.  You will not be disappointed.”
James W.
“I have had the pleasure of working with Spangler Realty for 17 years managing our home in Oceanside. During that time, my family and I moved twelve times and lived overseas for five years. Regardless of where we were in the world, Beth Spangler and her team took care of our tenants and property with the same concern and attention as we would, and kept us informed throughout. You will not find a better team to work with.”
Dan C. (Brigadier General, USMC COMBAF and DCDR US NSE-A)
“After having an inside view as former employees of Spangler Realty, we knew from the start that they were the perfect people to hire to manage our rental property. The staff of Spangler is not only efficient, but also genuinely honest, caring people. We have been blessed by their insight and skill in navigating the process of preparing our home to become a rental, approving renters and repairing the inevitable repairs needed caused by wear and tear.  We will continue to use Beth and her team for many years to come.”
Julie & Cameron C.
“Spangler Realty has done a tremendous job with my rental property.I highly recommend their services! Beth and the staff are a pleasure to work with. I would never rent property without their professional expertise!”
Karen D.
“I have had Spangler Realty as my property manager since I took over my mother’s home and trust. We have planned for over 14 years and during that time as an absentee owner, I have been very well taken care of whether it be vetting tenants, maintenance issues, inspections and general representation for my trust and our interests by this company. They have always provided very timely service for a fair price and have resources that I would have spent hours searching for. The peace of mind that I have had over the years as someone that was out of state was more than worth it and I will continue to use their service as long as we own the property. The office responses from and all of the employees have been very well thought out and delivered in a very professional way as well. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for property management in that area.”
Rick D.
“I have been with Spangler Realty for over 20 years.  My business began with Jim Spangler when I was in the military back in 1998.  I've since retired, and I still rely on Beth Spangler to manage my needs.  They handle my property in a professional manner, always take the cutesy to keep me informed, and understand the needs of the tenants.  I am happy to have Spangler Realty as my property management; for me it’s a win-win situation!”
Mark C.
“I have entrusted Spangler Realty for the past 9 years to manage my 7properties and will never use anyone else! Their expertise in the industry, warm and caring staff, professionalism, proficiency and excellent customer service are unmatched! Thank you, Spangler Realty, for all of your hard work and dedication.”
Keith L.
“Spangler Realty managed both the rental of our home and then later handled the sale. I have recommended Spangler to friends and family – Beth and the entire team were great to work with and always available. The team helped us from start to finish – getting our home ready to be a rental, they found great tenants, managed the vendors and handled any unplanned repairs during the rental period. We received our payments on time, every month, and we received a nice package to provide our CPA at the end of the year too! They made it so easy and stress free. When we were ready to sell, they helped us through the process and always had our best interest in mind. Beth handled the sale, she brought options to us, worked to get contingencies released timely (even a little early), and closed the deal quickly. Thanks to Beth Spangler for a great experience – we cannot thank you enough”
Kelly S.
"Spangler Realty is a very professional company. We have been clients for over 10 years. I would highly recommend Spangler Realty as your property management company."
Michael and Lori C.
"I loved dealing with Spangler Realty. Anytime I had any issues with the rental I was in they always made sure it was taken care of. The staff is so friendly and very professional. If I ever need another rental I will be going through them."
Gabriella G.
Oceanside, CA
“Spangler Realty has been managing our property for the last few years and we have been more than satisfied with their work! They went over everything in our lease and explained everything clearly and fully to make sure we completely understood the contract. Their customer service is far beyond anything I have expected; and we will continue to use their service! Also with quick response times from their team as well as a thorough application process for our tenants we have had a great experience renting our home with them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to rent their property our looking to rent. A+!”
Albert C.
“I have been purchasing real estate in Oceanside for the last sixty years. For most of that time I managed the properties myself. However due to age about 15 years ago I turned my properties over to Spangler realty. I am very pleased to say that they have done an excellent job in all aspects of management. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering full service property management.”
John G.
“Spangler has been managing my property for over 1 year now and I am very pleased to say I am very happy. Regardless the size of the issue they always seem to handle it very quickly. The thing I have been most happy with is that regardless of whom I speak with in the office regarding my issues they all seem to be widely trained and have been able to handle my issues on the spot. As an absentee owner this is very reassuring when a problem needs handled quickly. What more can I ask for as an owner? I deal with a friendly and knowledgeable staff; the prices are fair and the service swift.”
Scott S.
“Spangler has been managing my property for over 1 year now and I am very pleased to say I am very happy. Regardless the size of the issue they always seem to handle it very quickly. The thing I have been most happy with is that regardless of whom I speak with in the office regarding my issues they all seem to be widely trained and have been able to handle my issues on the spot. As an absentee owner this is very reassuring when a problem needs handled quickly. What more can I ask for as an owner? I deal with a friendly and knowledgeable staff; the prices are fair and the service swift.”
Andre H
“I had a really good experience renting using Spangler Realty. They were always very responsive to everything that needed attention, from repairs to just questions. I like that I reached a friendly, live person with each call, not a voicemail. From the application process to the move in date, it went very smoothly. Then recently, a few months short of fulfilling our lease, my husband had an unexpected job transfer out-of state, causing us to have to relocate. Beth and her team were able to re-list the home, and find a replacement tenant in only 1 day and 1 showing. The busy, stressful time of relocating was made seamless with their efforts. I am sure the owner of the home was relieved and pleased with their skills as well. I have truly never met a more personal, caring property management team in all the years I've been a tenant. If we would ever return to the San Diego area, we would definitely rent from them again in the future.”
Debbie M.
San Antonio, TX
“Very helpful, and experienced. These guys went out of their way to help me and they know their stuff. They didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear, but they were honest and followed through on all of their commitments to me. I'm a happy camper!”
"We used Spangler to rent out our primary residence. Staff was polite, friendly and easy to work with. Property was inspected bi-annually. They are upfront with their rental policies to tenants. Spangler was recommended to us by friends who had to rent out their home as well. In my search to find a rental company, I found their commission rate competitive and fair. Having been a first time landlord, choosing professional property Management Company was the best way to go and Spangler was an excellent choice."
Ann C.
Oceanside, CA
"Spangler is an excellent property management company.  I rented from them for 9 years and they were fair and honest the entire time.  I would definitely recommend them to others."
Angie R.
Carlsbad, CA
"I'm only upset that the condo I rented through Spangler was no longer available per the owner.  Spangler provided me with the best service I've ever received from a property management company, and I'll tell you why: No Surprises. 1. Signing a lease online is easy, yes, but you tend to just initial things and not read them. They required us to come in to sign the forms so we were all on the same page about what was being agreed to. 2. In that first meeting, they SAID they would come by periodically to check on the property. And when they did, they scheduled it out a week in advance. Plenty of time to prepare. 3. When there were issues, they handled them immediately. Jessi at the front desk always answered our calls or returned then within the hour. 4. Any notice we got was first through a phone call and then in writing in the mail. 5. When we moved out, a rep came out and walked us through the unit telling us everything that might cost us and left us with a checklist. Because of that, we got our entire deposit back. Property Managers get a bad rap from people who don't read the agreements and don't know the law. These guys did everything by the book, which is something you can count on. No surprises and fair treatment. That's all you can ask for, and they provide it."​
Jordan M.
Oceanside, CA
"I employed Spangler Realty as a property manager during the period of October, 2014 - July, 2016 and report the following:
a. Responsive: They had my property in Carlsbad, California rented within 3 days of listing above my initial asking price.
b. Attentive to Detail: I found them attentive to detail on all matters related to the maintenance of the house and the surrounding grounds. This focus was also demonstrated on all administrative matters, and I highly valued this attribute in Spangler Realty.
c. On Time on Everything: They were on time on getting me monthly payments and all related tax documents. Again, this attribute differentiated them from many other property managers in the area.
d. A Sense of Urgency: When an unplanned maintenance problem occurred at the house, they found and executed a solution with a deliberate sense of urgency and did so within budget and under the time deadline. This non bureaucratic approach to taking care of business is an attribute that differentiates Spangler Realty from area competitors.

All in all, they are amongst the top 5% of property managers I have employed in 35+ years of owning property in various parts of the United States. I would recommend them to someone requiring property management services without hesitation, as their work with my property has completely demonstrated to me that they deliver timely, quality service to their customers in a comprehensive manner."
Mike O.
Carlsbad, CA
"We used Spangler Realty to manage our home rental. They were efficient and fair. They run their business with integrity and are extremely trustworthy.  Something not to be taken for granted when you are having someone manage your home rentals."
Amanda G.
Carlsbad, CA
"Wonderful and professional property management. Complete service with excellent attention to detail, annual property reports and timely service. Beth and her team are always available to answer questions and take care of all aspects of property management. Complete knowledge of tenant/landlord rights and California code. I live out of the area and completely trust my property being under the care of Spangler Realty."
Mary Lou J.
San Luis Obispo, CA
"I have used Spangler Realty for the last 7 years to property manage my condo in Oceanside, California and they have been phenomenal.  Even my tax person in Florida says every year that she has never seen any property management company send a full and complete packet at tax time like Spangler does.  I then decided to sell my condo this year and used Spangler to sell it for me.  They were unbelievable - listed one day - had an offer that same day for full cash and then were able to turn around a 15 day closing on it - per the request of the buyers.  I would use them again in a heartbeat and strongly and highly recommend them for any rental or sale that you have coming up.  The staff was phenomenal and kept me updated on any and everything that was going on."
Jan M.
Winterhaven, Fl
"I rented a home for the past year in costal Oceanside; Spangler Realty was the property management company. Everyone in their office was a pleasure to deal with, especially Becky Maldonado. She is such a sweet lady, always responsive to any questions or requests I had. I've rented my fair share of homes over the years and Spangler/Becky were by far the best management company I've ever dealt with. THANK YOU Becky, you made renting the house awesome and were so helpful with me moving out when I bought my new home. You're the best!!!"
Nate M.
Oceanside, CA

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